Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do you use to make your Mosaic Garden Art?
We use a variety of tressere or found pieces for our Mosaic art.  We
primarily utilize vintage china.  We also use broken pottery, river rock,
buttons, jewelery and any object that catches our eye.

The primary base of our bird baths and feeders is concrete.  We use
the highest quality sanded grout.  All of our pieces are sealed with
professional grade grout and tile sealer.

2. Where do you get the beautiful vintage china?
Hunting for vintage china at flea markets, estate sales, antique stores,
eBay and auctions is great fun.  We prefer to use china or pottery that
is  "Already Broken".  Since people tend to just throw away any broken
china or pottery,  that is getting harder to find.

3. How do you get the china pieces into the shapes and sizes you
We have so many people ask if I just throw the dishes into a sack and
hit the bag with a hammer.  The answer is NO.  Each piece is
individually cut based on the unique design of the china and how or
where I want to use the piece.

4. Are your Mosaics weather proof?
We make our garden art so that it can be used outside in your garden.  
Yet nothing is 100% weather proof.  If you live in a cold winter climate,
you will need to take the same normal precautions you would with any
concrete items.  Do not allow concrete to stand in ice.  All pieces must
be drained and covered or overturned if left outdoors.  If you allow your
piece to sit in water during freezing weather could cause cracking,
crumbling and damage to your piece.

5. Why don't you sell your pieces on your web site?
Because of their weight and size, the shipping costs for concrete
pieces can be very, very high.  Also, packing individual pieces to protect
them in shipping can be difficult.

6. Can I get you to do a special designs for me?
Yes,  we do accept commissions.  Each piece we do begins with an
inspiration, and is the result of an organic creative process.  Until the
piece is complete,  we don't know
exactly what the end result will be.  

Pricing varies dependent on the size, materials, and complexity of the
piece.  Please send us an email to discuss any specific requests.
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