Unique Pique Assiette Chipped China(tm) Mosaic Garden Art
We create whimsical One-of-A-Kind hand crafted mosaic
Garden Art pieces in a style known as Pique Assiette, also
know as memoryware or shardware.  

Pique Assiette is a mosaic style that takes bits n' pieces of  
vintage china and other "found objects" to create a unique
mosaic piece of art.  

Brenda and Joann are neighbors and friends who  combined
their unique abilities, to create pieces of garden art. Each
piece begins with an inspiration and evolves organically into a
piece that is meant to be used and enjoyed.  

What started as a hobby has become a real passion.

Thank you for your interest in our Mosaics.  Enjoy your visit.
Artists: Joann Smith and Brenda Hoyle
Chipped China(tm) Garden Art
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